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Sustainable Development

Environmental Protection
Environmental protection has been taken into account when designing the electrical products Rockgrand offers. The products we provide are safe to use, economical, and eco-friendly. They comply with relevant laws and regulations.

New Business
1. We actively take part in garden bidding business and reconstruction projects in African countries. Currently, we have invested 3 million dollars in Kenya and 1 million in Botswana.
2. Rockgrand cooperated with German ELSTER in developing the water meter with GPRS positioning system for Saudi Arabia. We won the bidding of 700,000 pieces of water meter, with the total value of $21 million, on May 14, 2012.
3. We have cooperated with Malaysian JST Company and produced the UPS of global invention patent. The sales in the first year are about 3 million dollars. Thus far, this UPS has been applied in many well-known places, like Buckingham Palace, Guangzhou Metro Station, etc. Next, we will promote this product to the whole world using existing sales model.
4. Our company has cooperated with a company in Australia in developing container house. The container house is sold to iron ore producers in Australia. The sales in the first year are 40 million dollars. Such product is of high value and used by professionals, so we estimate the sales of the first three years can reach 160 million dollars.

Rockgrand will continue to return to society by adequate supply and quality service. Adhering to the business ideas of reform, development, management, and efficiency, we will continue to improve enterprise system, seize opportunities, and meet challenges, so as to obtain better development.